Best characteristics of private driving instructors in Singapore

You want a good private driving instructor to guide you. It will greatly increase your chance of passing your driving test on your first try in Singapore.

What exactly will you be looking out for?

1. Knowledge and wisdom
Your private driving instructor must appear to be very knowledgeable in driving. This can be seen at the number of advice he give you during the driving lessons. The more advice he can give you during the driving lesson, the more knowledge and skillful he actually will be. A good mentor will be able to see your flaws right away.

2. Patient
A good private driving instructor has to be patient. He will have to understand that learner drivers are still learning the ropes, and makes mistakes from time to time. The instructors should expect them to make some mistakes and correct them immediately during the lessons. He mustn’t be too fierce and angry at the learner drivers during the lessons if the learner drivers make mistakes.

3. Remembers your qualities
A good private driving instructor knows all his learner drivers are different. Hence, everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses. They will need to know which learner drivers are susceptible on making which mistakes more often during the driving lessons. The private driving instructor will work on teaching the learner drivers in the most efficient way possible.

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Sourcing for that special private driving instructor

There are hundreds of private driving instructors. Some instructors are definitely better than the others. You will want to find the better ones who can coach you better.

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Apart from SG Learn To Drive, there are other match up agencies out there. A simple Google Search will yield you the results.