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Creating a Custom Realtone Ringtone in 4 Easy Steps

First Time Making a Ringtone?

Special thanks to ebaker, who discovered this shorter way to make ringtones

Step 1 : Download Purevoice (if you don't have it)

The software is free, and made available by Qualcomm, a trusted name in the mobile phone industry. Our experience is that it is spyware, virus, and adware free.
Download Purevoice

Step 2 : Play a Song in Your Favorite Media Player

I use winamp to play mp3 files

Step 3 : Record 30 Seconds in Purevoice

When the music in your media player gets to the place you want to begin recording, press the red "record" button in Purevoice.

When you've recorded the portion you want for a ringtone (Sprint goes to voicemail after 30 seconds, so ringtones should only be 30 seconds) Press the square "stop" button.
Save your qcp to a place you can find it on your computer with File->Save As...

Step 4 : Upload Ringtone to Pcsphonetones

Sign Up or Login to

Press the "Browse..." button, and locate the file on your computer
Enter the title of the song (this is the name that will show up on the list of ringtones on your phone)

Press "Submit", and the file will upload to your account

Congratulations, you made a ringtone!

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