Should you go for class 3 or class 3a driving license in Singapore?

I’m pretty sure a lot of learner drivers must have vexed over this issue a lot – should you go for class 3 or class 3A driving license in Singapore?

A Class 3 driving license allows you to drive both manual and automatic transmission cars in Singapore. On the other hand, a Class 3A driving license allows you to drive only automatic transmission cars in Singapore.

Some reasons for going ahead with getting Class 3 driving license are:

1. You will have the flexibility to choose between driving a manual transmission or automatic transmission cars at any point in time. You are not restricted to only driving automatic transmission cars.

2. Some people likes to play around with the manual gears. It’s quite fun to shift the gears yourself.

3. Fuel consumption is lower for manual transmission cars generally speaking. Thus, you can save more on petrol cost.

4. Earning a Class 3 driving license can boost your ego, and boast to others that you have earned a tougher-to-get driving license.

On the flip side, here are some reasons for getting the Class 3A driving license:

1. Almost everyone drives an automatic transmission cars these days. Hence, there is little point learning manual transmission.

2. It is much easier driving an automatic transmission car. Do not give yourself unnecessary stress on the road.

Whatever choice you make at the end, you will need to find a good private driving instructor to help you pass the driving test and earn that driving license. Visit to get a good private driving instructor. They have instructors who teach manual transmission and automatic transmission.