Tips to pass your Singapore driving test on your first try

About half of the people pass their Singapore driving test on the first try. Want to be part of them? Here are three tips for you.

Number 1: Learn from experienced private driving instructors
One of the quickest way to succeed in any field is to learn from a good mentor. With lots of experience under his belt, an experience mentor can educate you on all the do’s and don’ts upfront, preventing you from wasting precious time. If you want to learn driving fast and acquire good driving skills, learn from an experienced driving instructor. Regardless if the instructor is a private driving instructor or a driving instructor employed by the driving schools, remember to learn only from the experienced ones.

Number 2: Get as many practices as you can
Go for as many lessons as you can to feel confident about passing the driving test. If you does not have this confidence, it means that you are not ready for the test. Take more lessons. If you choose to take fewer lessons to cut cost in the hopes of miraculously passing your driving test, there is a high chance that you will fail the test and end up taking more lessons afterwards.

Number 3: Have a good sleep the night before
You want to be in your best condition when you take the driving test. You want to feel sharp and confident. Having adequate rest the night before can prepare your mental state for the test. If you are not well rested, you may be susceptible of making careless mistakes, such as forgetting to signal before switching lanes.