Pick up points for private driving learners

This is a common request by many private driving learners. Many learners ask for pick up points near their houses or working locations. Several driving centers and schools such as Ubi cdc, Ssdc, Bbdc, Le driving school, and sglearntodrive.com/ have standardized pick up locations for the learners. It’s hard to accommodate to these requests these days because of several legit reasons explained below.

1. Private driving instructors prefer to standardize the pick up location so that it is easy and fast for all learner drivers to board and alight the car. More back to back lessons can be scheduled in the same amount of time as less travelling time is spent travelling from one pick up point to another. This will eventually lead to more learners able to learn from the same instructor.

2. It can be confusing on the exact place of the pick up point, especially for first lesson between the instructor and the learner. Even though the learner may specify a certain pick up location, he may wait at a different area from the one the instructor is going to.

3. More travelling time to pick up and drop off locations will mean shorter lesson time for the learners. Learners will be spending less time behind the wheels, making the lessons less effective for them.

Additionally, there is much more demand for private driving instructors currently than a few years back. Private driving instructors simply have much more bargaining power. Some private driving instructors got too many learners that they passed on new ones. Realistically speaking, the instructors do not have to accommodate to demanding requests from learners anymore. In a way, they can choose their students.