Pick up points for private driving learners

This is a common request by many private driving learners. Many learners ask for pick up points near their houses or working locations. Several driving centers and schools such as Ubi cdc, Ssdc, Bbdc, Le driving school, and sglearntodrive.com/ have standardized pick up locations for the learners. It’s hard to accommodate to these requests these days because of several legit reasons explained below.

1. Private driving instructors prefer to standardize the pick up location so that it is easy and fast for all learner drivers to board and alight the car. More back to back lessons can be scheduled in the same amount of time as less travelling time is spent travelling from one pick up point to another. This will eventually lead to more learners able to learn from the same instructor.

2. It can be confusing on the exact place of the pick up point, especially for first lesson between the instructor and the learner. Even though the learner may specify a certain pick up location, he may wait at a different area from the one the instructor is going to.

3. More travelling time to pick up and drop off locations will mean shorter lesson time for the learners. Learners will be spending less time behind the wheels, making the lessons less effective for them.

Additionally, there is much more demand for private driving instructors currently than a few years back. Private driving instructors simply have much more bargaining power. Some private driving instructors got too many learners that they passed on new ones. Realistically speaking, the instructors do not have to accommodate to demanding requests from learners anymore. In a way, they can choose their students.

Best characteristics of private driving instructors in Singapore

You want a good private driving instructor to guide you. It will greatly increase your chance of passing your driving test on your first try in Singapore.

What exactly will you be looking out for?

1. Knowledge and wisdom
Your private driving instructor must appear to be very knowledgeable in driving. This can be seen at the number of advice he give you during the driving lessons. The more advice he can give you during the driving lesson, the more knowledge and skillful he actually will be. A good mentor will be able to see your flaws right away.

2. Patient
A good private driving instructor has to be patient. He will have to understand that learner drivers are still learning the ropes, and makes mistakes from time to time. The instructors should expect them to make some mistakes and correct them immediately during the lessons. He mustn’t be too fierce and angry at the learner drivers during the lessons if the learner drivers make mistakes.

3. Remembers your qualities
A good private driving instructor knows all his learner drivers are different. Hence, everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses. They will need to know which learner drivers are susceptible on making which mistakes more often during the driving lessons. The private driving instructor will work on teaching the learner drivers in the most efficient way possible.

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All you need to know about getting a driving licence in Singapore

Have you been thinking about whether to get a driving licence in Singapore?

You are in the right place.

Getting a Singapore driving licence gives you the legal right to drive a vehicle in Singapore. This requirement applies to all citizens, permanent residents of Singapore, and also foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve months. For foreigners who are staying in Singapore for less than twelve months, they must possess a valid foreign driving licence if they are from ASEAN member countries. If they are not from ASEAN member countries, they will also need to provide an International Driving Permit issued by an authorized body in their home country.

There are 9 classes of driving licence in Singapore – class 1, class 2, class 2a, class 2b, class 3, class 3a, class 4, class 4a, and class 5. You can find more information about them here. The most popular class of driving licence Singaporeans go for is class 3 and class 3a. These will allow you to drive the usual passenger car you see on the road.

If you are above 18 years old, you are legally allowed to go for tests to get your driving licence in Singapore. You can expect about 3 months to half a year of intensive training before getting the driving licence. You can choose between learning from a driving school or from private driving instructors in Singapore. The main huge differences among them are cost and time. If you learn from private driving instructors, you can expect to incur a lower cost and shorter time to get the driving licence, assuming that you pass all the tests in one go.

A Singapore driving licence does not expire. Unless you flout a lot of traffic regulations and chalked up 24 demerit points within a year, you will be able to keep your driving licence indefinitely and drive around in Singapore. Otherwise, you will need to re-take all the tests to get your licence again.