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Making Realtone Ringtones in Minutes

First Time Making a Ringtone?

In all honesty, the first ringtone should take you about 5 minutes to make, after you install all the software. After you make about three ringtones, you should be able to make a realtone in about 1 minute.

If this is your first time, we have two recommended software downloads that will dramatically increase the ease with which you can make ringtones. These applications are rather small downloads.

Both applications are developed by other companies or groups, so we have no control over them. Our experience is that they are spyware, virus, and adware free.

Software Download Links
Download Purevoice (Requires you fill out the form, and they'll send you an email with a download link)

How to install software - You will be presented with options when you click on the link to download the application, in Internet Explorer, one of those options should be "run", choosing this option is the easier way to begin the software install process. If you are using another browser, make note of where you save the file, as you will need to run it to install the software.

Making a 30 Second Audio Clip in wav

Every time you make a realtone, you will need a audio clip of reasonable length (max 30 seconds), in wav format. These are easy to make with Audacity, because it will let you record a clip from any audio that will play on your computer, just like an old cassette recorder.

The initial settings for "record" for Audacity, located in the toolbars at the top, are as pictured below

To record what is coming from the speakers, you want to change those settings to

Once this is set, you can use Audacity to record what is playing through any other audio player on your system, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.

Using Audacoty to Record
This coudn't be easier, just use your media player of choice, when you want to record, just hit the big red "record" button in Audacity, you will see the "waveform" displayed as it records. When you're done recording (should be no longer than 30 seconds), just hit the "stop" button. You're ready to save the file as a wav.

Be sure to note where you save the file on your computer

Making a qcp from the wav

You need to open the wav you just made in Purevoice, to convert it to qcp. Your file is a wav, so to open it, you will need to change the "Files of Type" setting (greyed in the image below) to "(*.wav)"

You should now be able to find your file, and open it.
When you open the file, it usually begins playing immediately

Best settings for converting to qcp
Below are the best settings we've found for converting files to make small, but reasonably high quality qcp files. You will only need to set these the first time, see below for instructions.

Go to File->Properties

Change the settings in the resulting window to those pictured below

Convert the wav file you have open to a qcp, by selecting File->Convert

Save your qcp to a place you can find it on your computer with File->Save As...

You're done, and ready to upload the qcp file to

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