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Making Screensavers from Any Image File

First Time Making a Screensaver?

In all honesty, the first screensaver should take you about 5 minutes to make, after you install all the software. After you make your first screensaver, you should be able to make a screensaver in about 1 minute.

If this is your first time, we recommended you download the following software to make your screensaver making easier. This applications is a rather small download.

This application was developed by other companies or groups, so we have no control over it. Our experience is that they are spyware, virus, and adware free.

Software Download Links
Download IrFanView

How to install software - You will be presented with options when you click on the link to download the application, in Internet Explorer, one of those options should be "run", choosing this option is the easier way to begin the software install process. If you are using another browser, make note of where you save the file, as you will need to run it to install the software.

Open an Image File On Your Computer

After installing IrFanView, it is ready to use, you should not need to configure anything. After launching IrFanView, either from the desktop icon, if you chose to add one, or from the start menu, you will see blank window

Note that the background color for this application is black, when you resize and crop images, you may see this black background, that does not mean it is part of the image. Your image will always be located in the upper left corner of the screen, the black space will be ignored when saving the file.

Open a file, by selecting File->Open

After you open the file (namely if you open the file directly off a high megapixel digital camera), the file may be too large with which to do anything constructive. Bring it down to a workable size using the Image->Resize/Resample (I'd recommend entering 480 for the width value, and press ok).

Fitting Your Phone

The maximum screensaver size for your phone is listed in your "Account Settings & Options" next to the "Change Phone Model" option. If you don't need to crop out a certain part of the image, and just want to upload the entire image, you can skip ahead to the "Saving the Image" section below.

To crop out a portion of the image you want on your phone, go to Edit->Create custom crop selection...

Enter the values for width and height for the screensaver size of your phone, then press "Apply to Image":

This will place a rectangular outline the size of your phone screen in the top left corner of the image. This can be dragged into position by holding the right mouse button, and moving the rectagular box.

It may occur that your selection doesn't cover the part of the image you wanted to show on your phone. This is the case with our image

If this is the case, bring it down to a workable size using the Image->Resize/Resample. At this stage, you may want to try using the "half" button on the right side of the resulting window, this will cut your image size in half, or you can supply a custom height and width. We used half, and below is the resulting image.

Now, just repeat the crop portion of the instructions from above, and you'll have your rectangular selection area back on your image, as shown below

Now, that's more like it, now we want to crop that out, so we can save it. Go to Edit->Crop Selection

Here's the image as it will appear on the phone, now you just need to save it

Saving the Image

Select File->Save As...

When the window appears, at the bottom, for "Save as Type" select "JPG - JPEG Files", the following window will appear. The settings shown are the recommended settings.

Now select where you want to save the file (somewhere you can find when it's time to upload the image), and click "Save". You're done, ensure the file is smaller than 100k, and you're ready to upload the jpg file you just saved to

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